About WV Camper

Humble Beginnings

In April 2011 we decided to turn our Ex BT Ford Transit Van into a campervan. The story initially started on Posterous, but I decided that blogger is more tweekable and has more gadgets to add to the site.  So if you want to know where it all started and what our van looked like before it became a campervan you will have to take a look over on the old site on Posterous where I've documented the beginning of it's ongoing journey from plain old van to our little home on wheels.

We're six months on now so we'll carry on with the blog here, sharing not just the changes we made to make it into a campervan but the trips and holidays we have already taken and those we will take over some hopefully, happy years together.  
It's an ongoing project too.  There's always adjustments to be made, new things to add, the things that work and the things that don't work, we'll share them all. Hopefully this site will turn into a mine of information for anyone who's contemplating whether its worth doing a self build motor home.  We hope you find some of it useful and please leave comments or even questions, we'd love to hear from you.